Director of Product Development

Christian Nitu was born and raised in Pasadena, CA and spent the last 10 years living in Colorado where he worked in the regulated cannabis industry. Christian is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Marketing, Italian, and Entrepreneurship. Christian is a serial technology entrepreneur who started his first company, SnowGate in 2011 building the world’s first locker system that was controlled by a phone. SnowGate was acquired by the largest Locker manufacturer in North America, along with 2 published Utility patents- US20150356801A1, US20150007619A1. He wrote and was awarded for the company’s technology. Christian began consulting on data analytics for the biggest licensed dispensary business in the country, Native Roots in 2013. In 2015 Christian founded a technology company, Weave, that built one of the country’s first Point of Sale systems that was integrated with METRC. Weave gained an investment and partnership with Google to provide a reliable, sophisticated and robust solution for dispensaries to manage their customers and inventory from seed to sale.

Christian served on the board for the State of Colorado METRC group, including the Marijuana enforcement division, Department of Revenue and METRC for 2 1/1 years and was instrumental in crafting a lot of the trace and track system API’s for third party integrators. Weave is utilized by licensed retailers in over 75 locations across 5 states. Along with Weave, Christian has helped over 70 retailers across the country with data management, analytics and compliance. He joined Mar Vista Partners in 2018 as a consultant to help investment groups and business owners vet dispensary operations and acquisitions/mergers. In addition, Christian helped build the sales, product and compliance infrastructure for The Pottery/ Highline Distribution in Los Angeles, CA. In October 2019, Christian joined Coastal to head up business development and compliance operations due to his heavy experience with state regulations in California, METRC background and understanding of retail operations. He focuses on the development of Coastal’s compliance program for distribution, retail, delivery, and manufacturing operations. As the Director of Business Operations, Christian will assist Coastal in making key partnerships, strong contracts with vendors and expanding the Coastal brand through the cannabis industry.