Lauren Ginsberg

Retail Operations & Human Capital Advisor

Lauren is an experienced and dedicated operations and organizational development professional with 8+ years experience in structuring, coaching and leading retail and HR teams in the cannabis space. Lauren has a proven track record of utilizing change management and operational skills to implement highly successful programs, retail location planning, logistics, staffing and standardized practices. She is highly systematic, innovative and collaborative individual, with a focus on empowering employees to achieve common goals with shared values.

From it’s origination, Lauren worked as Chief Retail & People Officer with The Native Roots Dispensary Group in Colorado, the state’s leading and largest cannabis brand. Notably one of the most recognized brands in the cannabis industry. She directly managed Retail Operations, Human Resource and Training functions for entire company, which included 20 retail locations, 3 production facilities and 700 employees. She was also responsible for systematizing the processes consisting of branding, structured sourcing, interviewing, training and education, standardization of operating procedures, monthly performance reports, market analytics and internal hiring.

At Native Roots, Lauren also served as Director of Retail Operations, where she developed the framework for sustainable and effective growth for Retail Operations and effectively managed the opening of the 20 locations by way of standardizing practices and streamlining organizational design through collaborative Human Resources support to optimize operational efficiency.