Site Quality Control & Assurance Specialist

Reports to: Site Supervisor
Works With: All employees within operation
Position Summary

The Quality Control Specialist shall be responsible for sampling and analysis throughout operations utilizing in-house and third-party analytical equipment, ensuring analytics equipment is functioning correctly, coordinating third-party testing, data-logging, supporting R&D efforts, and maintaining compliant inventory records.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Ensure that all activities are performed safely and in strict accordance with company guidelines; maintains product and company reputation by complying with government regulations.
  • Conduct routine sample preparation, and physical and chemical measurements for quality control purposes.
  • Perform routine maintenance and calibration of analytical instrumentation (HPLC, GC, etc.)
  • Establish and maintain relationship with 3rd-party testing lab. Ship and document samples for 3rd-party testing and regulatory compliance.
  • Collect all hazardous/non-hazardous waste generated by analytical processes and transfers to appropriate collection areas.
  • Manage inventory for all consumables used in QA/QC process, as well as concentrates, bulk intermediates and finished products where applicable
  • Identify opportunities for process and product improvement and presents them to both supervisors
  • Aide in the development of new chemistries, formulations, products, and processes.
  • Maintain meticulous electronic and paper records covering all aspects of the QA/QC process
  • Aide in the production of concentrates where applicable, as dictated by Site Production Manager
  • Perform daily operations in accordance to responsibilities above. Operational days will be reviewed twice a month and rated as meeting expectations, falls below expectations, or exceeds expectations. Reports will be given back with notes from Site Director.
  • Minimize operations downtime. Any delays in standard turnaround times shall be documented with reasoning as part of weekly summary reports to Site Director. Periodic evaluations will be performed on downtime to address controllable vs. uncontrollable circumstances.
  • Client relations
  • Waste and incurred costs
  • Perform inventory management within framework of site in a timely fashion. Deviations from ideal turnaround will be reviewed and addressed periodically.
Evaluations will be based on:
  • Meeting expectations
  • Quantifiable expectations listed above
  • Peer feedback