Chief Financial Officer

Virender is a catalyst and builder with 20+ years of finance and operations oriented leadership success at high-growth organizations. He has a strong track record of building companies and managing strategy, financial, business/corporate development, IT, administrative and operations management in early stage, high growth, pre-IPO and Fortune 500 and turn-around business environments. Virender has worked as key management for fortune 100 public companies including Coca Cola and Seagram’s as well as upstart technology companies Shutterfly and Vertical.

Virender is an innovator and change agent whose true value is the knowledge and experience to raise multi-millions in capital, establish and optimize new organizational infrastructure, build high performing teams, steer product development, drive business development, and capture revenue.

He has a proven record of enabling executive teams to develop new markets and manage high growth. He has consistently delivered innovative and cost effective solutions while facilitating change and streamlining operations as a result of rapid growth, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions/LBOs, and he has demonstrated success in raising $300+ million of equity or other financing from venture capitalists, banks and related sources.